Who is the owner of the Internet 2022?

Owner of the Internet?

There is no owner of the Internet, the complete control of the Internet is with the Internet Organization, the use of the Internet works only on the basis of the rules made by the Internet Organization, but the Internet was started in 1969 by Team Berners. The Internet is also known as the World Wide Web nose

ICANN( internet corporation of assigned name and number ) The aim of the company is not to make a profit but to make internet service accessible to every person in every field.

Any person, organization, government or private company does not have rights on the Internet, who uses the Internet, he is the real owner.

These are some of the companies that help control the Internet

(a) Internet Society (ISOC)

(b) Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

(c) Internat Engineering Steering Group (IESG)

(d) Internat Assigned Number Authority (IANA)

(i) Domain Names

(ii) Number of Resources

(iii) Protocol Assignment

(e) Internet Architecture Board (IAB)


What is Internet?

The Internet connects all the countries in the world together through a network of global computer networks and provides complete information to the whole world using communication protocols. The Internet is connected to millions of computers. The main function of the Internet is to transfer any information from one place to another, which is suitable for fit (TCP IP).


 Full form of Internet? – Interconnected Network


In today’s era, the use of the internet is also increasing with technology, the use of the internet is used in various fields like banking online form filling, etc.

The introduction of the Internet, the US government established communication without any hassle

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History of internet

What was the invention of the Internet for the security of the army in America, at that time the army wanted to be a well-trusted service organization at the time of the second war between America and China Philosophy 1992 Many computers were added In early 1969, after the establishment of this agency, in 1980 this technology was named Arpanet, later the name of this technology was changed to the Internet.


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