One Device One Charger For All Device Government Decision (2022) save money

Common charger | One Device One Charger Mobile Laptop Government Decision 2022

One Device One Charger means that all the electronic devices that are available in the country, laptops, tablets, and mobiles, can be charged with just one charger.

In our daily life all the electronic device devices like mobile laptop speaker Bluetooth etc. proliferation of devices are their different charger pins to eliminate the problem of having separate chargers.

The government decided to make a single charger pin. The meeting of the Central Government with the Tech Industry and Consumer Ministry is going to be held on August


1. All electronic devices can have a government approved C type charger

At present all the mobile companies are using their different type of charger, in this C is used, some are using micro USB and any lighting charger.

For this, a team will be formed which will keep an eye on all the aspects and give its suggestions. Disclosing this, the Consumer Affairs Secretary has taken the consent of the Government to adopt a common charger for mobiles and other portable electronic devices. But the government has not announced any timeline yet.


2. One Device One Chargerfor all mobile devices

Maybe the companies that make the mobile are different but the charger will be of the same type, the same laptop can be from Dell or HP or any company, but its charger will be of the same type.


3. What will apple do

Although the charger part of all Android mobile companies except Apple is of the same spread, but the Lightning charger is used in Apple’s iPhone, so Apple company may object to the new rules of India.

4. The government wants to bring a common charger

There may be a One Device One Charger for all mobile devices in the country. Buying different chargers for different devices becomes very expensive and also creates problems for the user.


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