What is a computer network 2022

What is a computer network? how many types of computer networks


When we have to give any important  information to a person sitting several kilometers away, then it is possible only through the  computer network

With the help of the network, a person sitting far away can easily share any information by connecting to communication devices like mobile computers, etc.

When a person sends data and information from one place to another, it is called data communication.
In simple words, when a person exchanges digital data between two or more computers, it is called data communication. To establish communication between two devices, there must be a physical connection or a wireless connection for example.

Internet, with the help of which we can sit in any corner of the country and communicate with other person and receive any type of file and data.

What are the types of computer networks

computer networks, we can keep many computers connected together by keeping the computer close or far away. The computer network is divided into the following parts on the basis of area.

Personal Area Network (PAN)
Local Area Network (LAN)
Wide Area Network (WAN)
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
Campus Area Network (CAN)
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Storage Area Network (SAN)
System-Area Network (SAN)


Personal Area Network (PAN)

This is a network that is created in a very short distance, its maximum capacity is from 10 meters to 12 meters, in this type of network two people can easily transfer data among themselves, the best example of this is Bluetooth, and all are connected to CPU  devices like keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.

Local Area Network (LAN)

A network that connects two or more computers in the same place is called a local area network, the use of this type of network is limited to a small area, this network is used on a small scale in small offices or colleges. The capacity of this network is up to 5 km. The data transfer rate in this type of network ranges from about 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps.


Wide Area Network (WAN)

This type of network is used to cover the area of the whole world, in which point-to-point link is used in the world wide area network, in which many systems can be connected together.
With its help, communication can be done easily from one country to another, and the capacity of this network area is not limited.



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