Supercomputer Param Siddhi – India

Which is Indias fastest supercomputer? – ‘Param Siddhi’

Indian supercomputer named ‘Param Siddhi’, built under the National Super Computing Campaign, has been ranked 63rd in the list of 500 most powerful computers in the world. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has given this information. DST said that “Health services will benefit from the new computer and weather information of the flood-affected areas will also be available.”

When and where was the Param Siddhi computer made?  –  established in 1991(C-DAC) in Pune, India.

Who developed Param Siddhi?

‘Param Siddhi’ is a high-performance artificial intelligence supercomputer system installed at C-DAC under the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM).

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has given this information. DST said that “The new computer will benefit health services and also get weather information of flood-affected areas.”

Param Siddhi-AI will strengthen our national academic, development, and research institutions. Apart from this, industries and startups spread on the National Knowledge Network will also benefit. DST has talked about benefiting health services from the AI system. He says that even in flood-affected areas, with the help of technology, weather forecasting can be done.


PARAM COMPUTER NAME YEAR speed Update speed Location
EPARAM 8000 1991
PARAM 8600 1992
PARAM 9900 1994
PARAM 10000 1998 6.4 GFLOPS
PARAM Padma 2002 1024 GFLOPS
PARAM Yuva 2008 38.1 TFLOPS 54 TFLOPS
PARAM Yuva II 2013 360.8 TFLOPS 524 TFLOPS
PARAM Kanchenjunga 2016 15 TFLOPS
PARAM Brahma[ 2019 0.85 PFLOPS 1.7 PFLOPS IISER Pune
PARAM Siddhi-AI 2020 4.6 PFLOPS 5.267 PFLOPS C-DAC
PARAM Sanganak 2020 1.3 PFLOPS IIT Kanpur
PARAM Pravega 2022 3.3 PFLOPS Indian Institute of Science
PARAM Ganga 2022 1.66 PFLOPS IIT Roorkee
PARAM Shakt 2022 1.6 PFLOPS



HP Frontier World’s Fastest Supercomputer, compare Japan’s Fugaku

HP means Hewlett-Packard has launched a supercomputer named Frontier, it is the world’s fastest working computer, before this, the computer was named Fugaku, it was in Japan Fugaku’s speed was 442 Petaflops operating point per second but which The new computer is Frontier, its speed is 1.1 exaflops, that is, it will work more than 2 times faster, it has taken six hundred million dollars to make Frontier, it also has 8.7 million cores, apart from this, it is a lot in AI, ML, and many research and scientific studies. There will be more work, this technology is progressing very fast.

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