Storage Devices of Computer, Type and Examples With Image

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What is the Storage Device of the computer, Type and examples with pictures

Storage Device

What is a storage device?

Computer memory is storage space. It uses only data or information storing, porting, or extracting data files and objects both temporarily and permanently.


Types of storage devices

There are two types of computer memory

Primary (internal memory) -The CPU directly accesses the primary memory It is very small in size. Because of this, it is present in the internal part of the computer. In which the data stored in the computer can be accessed faster. We also call primary storage memory as volatile.

This includes RAM and Cache memory


2. Secondary (external memory) – The secondary storage memory is the backup memory, which is used to store the data for a longer period of time. Some important points of storage memory are that it runs slower than primary memory. You can keep a copy, it is also useful in transferring data from one computer to another.    such as floppy drives, CD drives, tape drives, etc.


Example of Storage Device 


RAM stands for Random access memory. RAM is generally related to a volatile kind of memory where stored information is lost if power is removed.


Its full name is Read-Only Memory. This is the primary memory of the computer. It is permanently attached to the motherboard of the computer. Programs stored in this memory cannot be changed or destroyed, they can only be read. That’s why this memory is called Read-Only Memory.

Pen Drive  – 

pen drive is also called a flash drive. It is small and shaped like a key. In this, USB is used to store and transfer data. For which it has to be installed in the USB port of the computer.

Magnetic Storage Device
  • Floppy Disk Drive
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Magnetic Card
  • Super Disk
  • Tape Cassette
  • Zip Drive
Flash Memory Device
  • USB Flash Drive 
  • Memory Card
  • Compact Flash
  • Multimedia Card
  • Sony Memory Stick
  • Smart Media Card
  • XD Picture Card
  • SD Card
  • SSD
  • NVMe
 Cloud Storage Device

  • Cloud Storage
  • Network Media
Optical Storage Device

  • Blu Ray Disk
  • CD ROM Disk
  • CD-R and CD-RW Disk
Paper Storage Device

  • OMR –
  • Punch Card – Older computers used punch cards, which were made of paper, for storage. Today’s storage devices are either magnetic optical or flash memory devices.

There are two types of magnetic devices
1. Hard disk

Hard, Disk, Storage, Computer

A hard disk is actually inside a computer, but inside a portable hard disk is a spindle, it contains one or more platters, these disks are coated with a magnetic material, and it also has a magnetic head. Using this data can be read from and written to disk

2. floppy disk –

Free vector graphics of Disk Floppy disks were used to transfer data between computers. The computer used to have a floppy drive, in which the floppy was inserted.
It uses laser and light to store data  example
CDS, DVDs, Blu-ray

(i) CDs (compact dick)

Free vector graphics of Cd

it is portable

It can store data up to 700mB
It is of three types
CD ROM Only Data You Can’t Write To Read


 CDR – compact dick recordable
where data can be written only once but then we can read it somewhere


CDRW –  compact dick rewritable
In this, the data can be written multiple times, so it also says that it is erasable.


(ii)DVD- Digital Versatile Disc

Discs, Cd, Dvd, Software, Digital
Their storage capacity is 10 times that of CD discs and 20 times faster than that of CDs.
There are three types of DVD


DVDR – Digital Versatile Disc 

Data can be written only once and can be read anywhere


DVD RW -Digital Versatile Disc rewritable

In which data can be written anywhere

(iii) BLU RAY –

The name comes from Blue Racer which is different from DVD Red Laser because it can store more data, they can store up to 25 GB in each layer and they have dual, triple-layer disK which allows more data can store





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