What is the full-form BIOS? what is BIOS?

What is the full-form BIOS?

The full form of Bios is Basic Input Output System.  The main work of BIOS is to boot the computer i.e. to start the computer.


What is Bios?

BIOS is a kind of software or firmware.  Bios is one of the main software of the computer.  Bios is the first software that runs in the computer.  Bios is automatic software that starts running as soon as the computer is started.

Bios help to boot the computer.  After booting the computer, the work of bios ends.  After this, the bios come in handy again when you start your computer.

Bios is stored in the factory only when the motherboard is made, although you can definitely update the bios.


How do Bios work?

Bios help to start your computer or laptop. When you turn on your computer, Bios makes sure that all the hardware devices installed in your computer like Hard Disk, Ram, Processor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Scanner etc. working properly or not.  When Bios sees that yes everything is working properly, after that the work of the processor starts again.

Apart from this, Bios also tells your computer which is an input device and which is an output device.  Input devices like RAM, Processor, Graphic Card, SMPS etc.  Output devices like Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Scanner etc.


Main Functions of Bios in Computer

There are mainly 4 functions of Bios in the computer which are as follows.



Full form POSTPower On Self Test

Doing Power On Self Test.  As I already told you that when you turn on the computer, Bios first checks whether all the hardware devices connected to the computer are working properly or not.



During the post-it configures the motherboard and chipset.



Bios act as a bridge between your operating system and your hardware.


The hard disk reads the boot sector to load the operating system.  It is a kind of program that is stored in the EPROM of the computer and is automatically executed by the processor when the computer is turned on.

Loading the operating system from a floppy disk or hard disk into the computer’s main memory RAM. The function of this program is to copy the operating system to the main memory RAM until the boot process is completed.  Can’t do it


Where is the Bios?

Bios is stored in the EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) chip installed in the motherboard.  This is a Non-Volatile Rom, meaning you can re-update or rewrite Bios.

CMOS full formComplementary metal-oxide-semiconductor

All the settings of the Bios are stored in the CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) chip.  And the CMOS battery provides power to this CMOS chip.

Cmos battery does not store data.  The data is stored by the CMOS chip but the CMOS battery ensures that the CMOS chip continues to get power even when the computer is turned off.  That’s why you must have noticed, that even when your computer is turned off, the date and time of the computer do not change because the main function of the CMOS battery is to supply the CMOS battery power to the CMOS chip even when the computer is turned off.

How to Access Bios in Computer?

Now you have come to know what is Bios, what is full of Bios, and how Bios work.  Now I will tell you how you can open Bios on your computer.

To open Bios on your computer, first, you have to see which computer you have because different keys are used to open Bios on every computer or laptop:-

Company             Keys

Acer                      F2

HP                         F10

Dell                        F2

Lenovo                F1, F2

Sony                   F1, F2, F3

Samsung           F2

Keep in mind, when you turn on the computer, you have to keep pressing this key before the logo appears in the computer.


How to update bios?

By updating the bios, you can install the new CPU in the old motherboard, if you have a 6th generation motherboard and 7th generation processor, then you can update the bios and run the 7th generation processor in the 6th generation motherboard.


Bios update is done in two ways, through the window you can update bios but for this, you need to have a window on the computer.  Apart from this, another way is by putting the bios file in the pen drive, you can update the bios by booting the bios.


Update Bios through Window – First of all you have to go to the official website of the company of whichever company your motherboard is and download the latest bios of your motherboard from there.  After this, you have to run the official utility of your bios and there you will get the option of updating.  From there you can run your setup and update the bios.


Direct Bios Update – For this, you need a pen drive and the setup of the bios which you downloaded.  Keep in mind that if the setup is done in a zip file, then you should extract it already.  After this, you have to open the bios by restarting the computer and then going to the advanced option and updating the bios.



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