What is a Agneepath scheme

What is Agnipath?

Friends, I am going to tell you complete information about Agneepath like who can apply, what should be the age limit, how will apply, male-female both can apply, how much salary will be available, how much persons will get and what is the benefit and in what way of training Hogi Agneepath is such a scheme in which Indian Army can be recruited, it means to say in Indian Army, anyone can go in Navy, Air Force, Army can also go, both male and female can go.


what is its qualification?

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of India.
  • Applicant age should be between 17.5 to 21 years.
  • Agniveer should have passed 10th or 12th class.
  • The applicant must fulfill all the medical criteria.

Its qualification is only two first qualification is that your age should be between 17.5 to 21 years second thing is that you should be 10th and 12th qualifier those who will be recruited in the army under Agneepath scheme will be called Agniveer and those who belong to Agneepath The recruitment will be done by all the posts below the rank of officer, there will be recruitment for all those posts, whether it is Army, Navy, Air Force, the most important thing in this scheme is that friends, only you will have to work for 4 years. Can join the Indian Army for 4 years from friends and serve the country.


About the salary and let me tell you that look it is not that after 4 years all those who have been recruited by Agneepath means that they will retire, it is not that 25% of the people will be made permanent, it depends. According to how you have performed, 75% will be retired and the remaining 25% will be made permanent. The biggest advantage of having training is that you will get a job, you will get a salary and the best thing is that due to training in the army, you will get a wonderful discipline, which friends will be useful to you for life. Around 50 thousand will be recruited every year.


Now we know how much salary friends will get, you will get your salary in the first year of the job, you will get about 21000, who will get the salary, I am talking only about that, the salary of the job in the second year will be 22100 in the third year What will be your salary i.e. your salary for the third year will be around 25500 and the salary for the fourth year will be 28000, if you get it here, you will get more but some will be deducted in it, for your retirement, this is the salary that I have told that hand. Apart from that, friends, now the total salary that will be available in 4 years will be around 1172160 and after that, after 4 years you will get retirement fund and total retirement fund 11 lakhs, whichever amount will be deducted from your salary around 71000, the same amount will be towards the government. By adding from you will get a total of 1172000,

it means to say that if you are recruited through Agneepath, then in 4 years you will get about 22- 23 lakh rupees by adding salary and retirement fund, after that when you retire you will be a very good way. With this, you can do any business or you can also do a job. I would like to tell you that if you will get a retirement fund, then income tax will not be charged on it, then this is also a huge benefit,

so I hope friends, I tried to explain everything to you in a short time, now comment and tell what do you think that the scheme is right. If it is wrong then it is right then it is wrong then write wrong then definitely tell me by commenting below share this video with your friends please subscribe to the channel by liking the artical thank you very much

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