Research : Addiction to Facebook and Instagram among teenagers

Facebook research reveals the dangers of Instagram on teen mental health. Explanation of the impact of social media on children’s mental health

After all Studies, research has shown that teenagers spend more time on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and  YouTube, causing their mental health disturbed and their ability to think slowly.

In this technological age, one can easily see a group of youngsters scrolling through the screen of a smartphone and engrossed in the phone as if no one is sitting around. It has become traditional to spend more time on the media


Researchers say on social media

Teenagers from underprivileged homes are more likely
to report addiction to social media, as per a study.

Peer-reviewed journal Information, Communication,
and Society published these findings

The same study reveals the connection between economic
disparity, unsatisfactory usage of social media sites

The situation is exacerbated in schools where there are
financial, social divides between students


Some common characteristics of social media are:

  • Feeling Helpless
  • Be Sad
  • Being Alone and Talking less
  • Do Not Participate in any Competition

How to avoid social media

When a person becomes addicted to social media, then there is a bad effect on his behavior, to stop it follow some things and you can increase the value level of your life, there are many ways to stop it, Use of social media should set a fixed time and in free time one should read the book and solve puzzles and read stories

, should keep himself busy in all these work, with his family members, and with his friends. Must spend time together. You can also go to play with your friends who are doing physical activity, by doing this the addiction to social media will gradually decrease.

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