Google Android 13  New Feature Stop Background Noises During Calls

Now Users Get Clear Call Quality With Google Android 13

A feature called Clear Calling has been updated in Google Android-13, which does not capture the extra noise around it through the call, giving the user a better experience.

We can see the benefit of this Android 13 “Clear Calling” feature only in mobile networks, but the benefit of this feature will not be seen in Wi-Fi calling.


Which Mobile is the Advantage of Google Android 13?




4. Realme

5. Samsung


7. Nokia

8. Xiaomi


10. onePlus

11. iQOO and etc.


Tech giant Google has been continuously improving various updates for the new features in Android 13 since the last few months and most importantly, keeping in mind the privacy and language settings of the users and many other features. . Getting started with Pixel Tools


Google Android 13  New Feature


Previously this was implemented mainly within the ISO 15 version in the iPhone, so we didn’t see any noise cancellation option inside the iPhone 13 because it was optimized inside the software to achieve noise cancellation, and almost the same way,

The same will be seen inside Android phones, the ecosystem that Apple has, the software and hardware that Apple makes, so the optimizations that go inside it are quite good. Talking about Android,

Here are many companies that make Android smartphones, with many people launch models, so software optimization will be done by Google with each model. But there are many smartphones that will come under Android Thirteen only.

Artificial software will already be installed inside the smartphone, which will cut off the background voice.

In today’s time, there are many such companies that are still not able to provide HD voice calling. Example like Vodafone SIM inside India, there is still no HD voice showing, but both Jio and Airtel have HD voice calling.

Android 13 is designed keeping in mind some of the major problems like if you are in the market or there is a strong wind blowing at a high place then it is not a problem to call at that time to fix this problem.

Android 13 artificial intelligence software has been used to remove background noise

The changing era of this technology, keeping in mind Google Android, the company can launch it for its Pix devices, Karan can launch Android 14 beta April 2023 because recently, Android 13 has been launched.


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