5 reasons to your Windows 11 update 2022 PC Now Easy Step

Windows 11 is about to complete its 1 year in a few days. For some time, the mistakes of Microsoft Windows 11 are constantly being corrected, recently Microsoft has told about its new windows 11 update through the blog.


Microsoft has launched this update in more than 190 countries with Windows 11 Update India After the new update of Windows 11, users will get File Explorer Tab Menu and Start Menu and also companion wide live Caption and PC Wire Control and Smart App Control will get. So that the user can do his work faster and easier


How to Download Windows 11 New Update

If you also want to update windows 11 on your PC or laptop, then follow the steps given below step by step.

Step 1. First of all  go to the “Windows Insider Program”.

Step 2. Then open the “setting”.

Step 3. Now click on “Check for Updates”.

Step 4. Then finaly restart your system.


thetechcomputer.com Microsoft Windows 11 New Update


Improved Start Menu 

 Microsoft has updated Windows 11 2022 Update with two-three big features, the special thing is that the Start menu has been revised, after updating it can do its work faster and easier.

Updated with system-wide Live Caption to make captions available automatically as an audio assistant for opening any applications in Windows 11. It also adds Voice Access that lets users now use your voice on PC. Allows you to do or control text editors in this feature that creates narrator features. A natural sound and it closely identifies the natural language and is helpful in the browser and makes its sound very pleasant and melodious

More Security:-

This update is going to be very beneficial for the users of Windows 11. It has smart Microsoft Defender SmartScreen which gives instant warning when you visit any malicious website and install third party app in your system and also blocks incoming viruses. This feature has also been added. In this, the privacy of users of Windows 11 has been taken care of.


Eco-Friendly Microsoft:-

An update for the Windows Update process was previously made available on the Dev channel in March.  An advanced feature added by Microsoft this time in an  to Windows 11 update is an additional adjustment to the default power setting of Slip and Screen Off, when carbon emissions are at their lowest, making it even more beneficial. emits less carbon into the atmosphere


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