What is Jio True 5G Network 2022


Jio ture 5G network has been launched in India, and many people have started experiencing it too, in today’s article we will read what is Jio 5G True Offer. these people will get access to Jio 5G network? What is Jio 5G Welcome Offer? and how jio 5g is different from all?  Whenever Jio does something in the market, there is a lot of panics if Jio has launched it a few years ago, then this time something big is going to happen,


What is Jio ture welcome offer?

1. Jio 5G Welcome Offer is currently being launched for Jio users only in select cities Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Varanasi.

2. All Jio users will get unlimited 5G data with speeds up to 1 Gbps.

3. Jio 5G network to announce a little trial and roll out in other cities on its own.

4.  Jio 5G network users do not need to change their Jio SIM, only when the user has a 5G mobile, the service of the  Jio 5G network will be updated automatically.

5. Jio 5g users will be able to take advantage of beta testing if a sufficient network is available in their area.

What is Jio True 5G | Jio 5G Welcome Offer

you will remember when Jio launched 4G SIM in 2016. So there was a lot of panics even at that time, the speed of Jio 4G was going to be 1MBPS and data was available for free, in the initial phase it was a very good speed. At that time his welcome offer was giving free data and unlimited calls, crores of people had shifted to Jio.

It was because of Jio that millions of people probably experienced this fast speed on the Internet for the first time, it was more beneficial for the people of YouTube. Due to free internet, users on YouTube started growing very fast, due to which there was a lot of traffic on YouTube, from there the story of Jio started like this and when Jio launched 5G, people’s interest will remain this time Like it was on Jio’s 4G time.

What Is JIO True 5G Network?

jio 5g says jio  true 5G network. Jio True 5G means it is a standalone network,
This network works in two ways

(1) NSA -NSA means non-standalone network all other telecom company is going to work like this

(2) SASA means standalone.  Jio has created its own separate network on which it can deliver 5G service to you, hence it is called a stand-alone network.   As Jio own standalone network basically appears with 5G separate network which no other network company has done.

Let me tell you how the rest of the telecom company will provide 5G network that it will bring 5G on its exit 4G architecture. This jio is also true 5g because the spectrum that jio has purchased also comes with a frequency of 100 MHz which is one of the best frequencies to bring 5G network to you.

what is jio 5G welcome offer?

NewJio  5G welcome offer claims here that in 5G network you will get speed up to 1Gbps and the network will be available on the frequency of 700 MHz. And career aggregation will soon support Jio’s original 5G network. When Jio launched the true 5G network, Airtel just changed its branding, Airtel changed it to Airtel 5G Plus after the first Airtel 5G network. Talking about the network coverage of Jio 5G, Jio says that by December 2022 it is going to extend its 5G network to all the tehsils in all the cities of India.

How to Convert 4G SIM to 5G Jio

Many Jio users must be confused that do we have to get a new SIM to experience the 5G network.  For this, Jio has clearly mentioned that you do not need to purchase a new SIM for Jio 5G, you can take advantage of Jio 5G network on the same SIM that you already have. Also, Jio has made a clarification that your 5G smartphone must have 5G bands like N28, N78 and N258 and all three bands must be in your phone. So that you can enjoy the real experience of Jio True 5G and take advantage of the technology of carrier aggregation.

When Jio Will Launch 5G SIM?










About Spectrum jio True Network

Will Jio be able to provide faster internet service than all operators and when will Jio launch fully 5G network in India, all these questions are answered in detail in the article below.

The auction of 5G spectrum in India has ended, according to the results, the auction ended with a record bid of 1.5 lakh crores, in the auction of 5G spectrum, several telecom operators in India, Jio Airtel Vi and Adani Network participated. took Jio company has given the highest offer of Rs 88,000 crore.

Similarly, Airtel has also secured the second position with a bid of Rs 42000 crore and Vodafone has secured the third position with Rs 18899 crore and Adani data network is behind them. Jio you have spent a lot of money for users, almost 2 times more than airtel

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