Concept of Hardware and Software

All the parts of the computer are divided into many parts in general their utility and shape.

Mainly they are divided into two categories.

  • Hardware
  • Software

The physical parts of a computer that we can touch and see are called hardware. As we already know computer hardware consists of different parts. We can see only those parts of the hardware that are outside.

Computer Hardware Components

Example:- monitor, CPU, mouse, keyboard etc…,



Software is that part of the computer which we cannot touch because it has no physical existence. The program is made from a set of instructions (Commands.) And software is made from the group of these small and big programs. Therefore, the set of programs is called software.

The computer does not do any work on its own, before doing any work, that work has to be understood by the computer or it 486 is defined. Because neither Dislike computer understands our language nor we computers. The computer understands only one language. Machine language (also called low-level language, it can be read-only by a computer)

That’s why computer language is used. It is the software that is the  User language our language which is also called high-level language. The computer does not understand this language and converts it into machine language.

Two types of software-
  1. Application software
  2. System software
1. Application software
The software used in the computer is used to fulfill different purposes, it fulfills only one purpose, they are called application software.

Application Software


2. System software

All the software that is needed to run a computer or various hardware. This is called system software.

Various  types of system software

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Operating systems.
  • Device drivers.
  • Windows
  • Programming software.
  • Language translater
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